Keep Flossing Your Smile
By Dedicated Dental Services, PC
December 23, 2016
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Flossing GirlIf you want to really ward off decay, you better be flossing every day.

You are getting ready to head to bed but have you forgotten something? You’ve brushed your teeth. Perhaps you’ve even swished some mouthwash around for good measure, but did you floss? Many people forget to floss, grumbling that it takes too long or that it’s a chore, but if you want a clean bill of health from our Orangetown, Orangeburg, Pearl River, Old Tappan and Sparkill, NY area dentist, Dr. Thomas Williams, you better start flossing.

Why is flossing so important?

Throughout the day plaque builds up on your teeth and it’s your job to remove it. While brushing will remove the buildup from the surfaces of your teeth it won’t be able to reach in between your teeth. This is when flossing comes in.

Flossing will help to dislodge plaque from between teeth. Not only will this prevent plaque from hardening into tartar, which is responsible for causing gum disease, but it will also make brushing more effective. That’s right! With food and plaque removed from in between teeth, toothpaste can easily travel between teeth and provide a better clean than it would if food still remained.

As if this wasn’t enough of a benefit to start pulling out the floss, if you are looking to keep your smile looking bright and stain-free, one of the best ways is to floss every day. By removing plaque and food from between teeth, you can make your smile look much more vibrant. Of course, if stains have left quite the footprint on your smile, not to worry. Our Orangetown, Orangeburg, Pearl River, Old Tappan and Sparkill area cosmetic dentist will be able to tackle even the toughest stains with professional teeth whitening.

The sooner you make flossing a habit the better. And if it’s that time again to schedule your upcoming dental cleaning with us then call our Orangetown, Orangeburg, Pearl River, Old Tappan and Sparkill, NY area dental office today to book your next visit. These routine visits are another fundamental way to keep your smile bright and healthy.